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Vehlad.in founded in 2018 is a leading News Portal with the aim of reaching millions of people and significantly worldwide. It has taken a prominent position in the web market and quickly progressing to capture the top slot. We are working only on news with trustable resources so the reader of own portal will always read the truth

Our news team responds quickly to any event by collecting live data. Personal interviews with people affected by this event or incidents reinforce our very forgiving structure of no-questionnaire information.

We update news instantly and quickly to update web users with the latest news covering a broad spectrum of politics, sports, entertainment, health, books, business and more.

We offer our audience the platform as the most respected and trusted source of news and information. Our news portal is very conveniently designed so you can find the news you want right away. Today it is becoming a popular internet media web portal for Hindi news.

With a new daily increase in visitors, no. pages accessed on the portal increase.